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WriteMeIn is an ongoing collaborative project between FYCD and WriteWorld devoted to compiling real characteristics from real people all over the world to help writers build believable characters.

Question of the Week:
What would you say are some of your contradictory personality traits?
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I’m short, hovering around 5’2, 5’3. I refuse to be measured, because, you know, who wants to be measured when they’ve accepted their hobbit status? My hair is kind of longish medium. It used to be the longest in school, and then I cut it all off and it grew back mostly. It’s usually wet and up in a bun or a ponytail (#watersports). People always say it’s blonde, but it’s not, really. It’s honey colored with blonde streaks and brown underneath, but I spend so much time in the sun that it’s pinpointed by the season. It’s also frizzy sometimes but mostly just that in between kind of wavy that changes daily. My eyes also change daily, depending on what I’m wearing and the lighting I’m in, but they’re always something in between green and blue (they usually lean towards the greener side). I have a weirdly thin nose that would be button shaped if it was a little wider but instead it looks like one of the pins you put on a place in google maps. There’s sun freckles everywhere in the summer and only a little in the winter. I’m pretty pale, and there’s always a tan line from softball tournaments. I burn really easily too. Also I have munchkin legs and a long freakin torso. My body is all out of proportion. And I have really big palms and really short fingers, so my hands are on the small side… That’s about it.

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Just the Other Side of Lukewarm

I like to make my own tea with my own tea bags and my stainless steel crappy kettle in the comfort of my own kitchen. I don’t like making tea with teabags I didn’t buy myself, because they’re bland. I like my tea to smell really good and exotic, but taste mostly the same. The best part about making tea at my house is the mugs. I collect mugs. One per year, and that’s all I drink tea out of for said year. My freshman year mug is orange, with a circular handle.

I’m impatient. I put the teabag in the hot water, I wait about six seconds, and then I squish the teabag on the side of the mug with a spoon so the color leaks out and then I take it out and add my milk. I don’t like to wait, after the water is done boiling. Of course, I take a sip, burn my tongue, and then wait until the tea is just this side of lukewarm, and that’s when I start to really drink it. Of course, I’m always sipping before then, but this moment, this temperature teetering on lukewarm, is the way that I like my tea best. 

In short, I take my tea weak with cream, no sugar, and only in the privacy of my own home. 

Coffee is a different story. I don’t like to drink coffee at my house. I like it from anywhere. I don’t care how it tastes. I just want it to be strong, bitter, and smell strong. I take it with any kind of milk, but never any sugar, and I like to drink it three minutes after I get it. That way it’s hot but not hot. To me, the most important part of coffee is the smell. It doesn’t really matter if it’s high quality coffee, it just needs to be in a styrofoam or cardboard cup with a plastic top and a teddy bear brown color. 

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Question 6 (habits, etc)

I have this terrible horrible no good habit of biting my nails. But it’s not just that, either. I bite my nails and then the skin around them. Sometimes I grapple with the fact that I’m a small time cannibal with a penchant for fingers, but then again it’s my fingers, so that’s kind of like saying it’s cannibalism when you suck the blood off of a paper cut. Anyways, I do it when I’m scared, stressed, socially anxious, or just bored.  My fingers are messed up. Like, really messed up.

I get yelled at because of it a lot (like my science teacher told me she’d give me a saturday detention if I did it again in her class) but I still catch myself doing it anyways. I’ve tried chewing insane amounts of gum (I bite my fingers around it) and painting my fingernails (I just bite of the nail polish, spit it out, and then go on with my habit). It’s nearly impossible to break.

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Vent. Rant and rave about something that’s been bothering you.


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How would you describe your personal style? What sort of clothes do you like to wear? How do you wear your hair?


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How do you take your coffee or tea?


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Describe your morality.


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What do you think about the authority figures in your life?


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How do you feel about religion?


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What do you look for in a significant other?


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